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where did the jew harp originated

The name Jaw Harp is a bit of a misnomer and does not hold much scholastic merit. If it seems that several American Jew's harp-makers more or less have worked out their craft on Jew's harp-manufacturing in an unsufficient way, then we'll find the opposite in the results of Kendall Rownd, a American maker who lives in Holland. The investigations made by this elaborate electronic engineer into the micro-mechanical organology of the Jew's harp are spread over a period more than 25 years. And that is why he could bring into the outside world of the 90's a top quality for the Jew's harp. In the beginning the construction of his Jew's harps were concentrated for powerful intonated staccato's, struck for- and backwards by the thumb.
The Sansula Deluxe is a further development of the Sansula Basic. In response to the wishes expressed by many customers, we have fitted it with a robust membrane of genuine goatskin and an adjustable tension device. These modifications greatly increase the range of possibilities of the instrument. The natural materials used make each of the Deluxe models supplied unique, characterized by an even richer and warmer sound while at the same time being more robust.
Like most traditional instruments, the chagadan, the jaw harp, the khobyrakh and the shoor are best suited for playing in a small yurt or a chum, for an audience of 20 people or fewer. Their sound gets lost in a modern concert hall. So craftsmen try to take into account the needs of the performers. They preserve the original sound of the instrument and use only natural materials.
A good sound without teeth is achieved by a weight of 200 to 300 g that is 20 to 30 cm long. The size is essential for the functioning of the weight: The reed vibrates in a rotating manner (figure 6, right, blue arrow). The weight has to function as a lever-arm against the rotation (red arrow).
In the last room, there are similar instruments from all over the world. Including my country. I was right. Every year there is a competition where Yakut musicians compete with foreign ones. The employee encouraged me to try to play it. I placed it in my mouth. I could only produce a weak sound, but it was better than nothing.

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